IACMR Research Methods Workshop Philosophy of Management Research Workshop Event Registration


 Sept. 8, 2012

Workshop web site launched and Call for Applications announced 
 Feb. 25, 2013 Individual Application Closed
 March - May, 2013 Discussion Group Matching Process 
 April, 2013 Reading List of the workshop has been posted; stay tuned for the updates 
 April - May, 2013 Nanjing University, Donghua University, Shanghai University, and Shanghai Maritime University, joined Tongji University, the host, to co-sponsor the workshop 
 May, 2013 The winners of LiNing Dissertation Grant [6 out of 10] will participate in the workshop with registration and accomodation fee waivers. There will be a special Award Ceremony scheduled in Graduation Dinner on July 24. 
 July, 2013 Reading Materials updated, supplemental readings added.
 Aug. 2013 Workshop Photos, Evaluation and Summary, Feedback and Reflection have been updated.
 Aug. 2013 Press release (in Chinese) 

IACMR Research Methods Workshop