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Benefits & Services

The International Association for Chinese Management Research (IACMR) is an academic organization founded in 2002, and registered in the U.S. The primary goal of the association is to create and disseminate the theory and knowledge about organizational management in the Chinese context, promote organization and management research, teaching and professional standards, and ultimately promote the organization and management practices in Chinese enterprises.


1 To provide a forum for Chinese management researchers, teachers, and practitioners to exchange ideas and experiences;

2 To facilitate tight collaboration between management scholars, managers, and policy makers, as well as international collaboration;

3 To promote research capabilities of Chinese management scholars, push forward the development of management research in and about China, and further promote management level of enterprises.


Any scholars, students, managers, and consultants who are interested in organizational management in the Chinese context can become a member of our association.


Paid members can attend biennial conference which provides a forum for scholars from around the world to present and learn about the latest management research in the Chinese context.

Paid members can attend Research Methods Workshops to master current trends in methodology.

Participate in academic seminars of various topics on management to know about internationally renowned researchers and their work. For Chinese researchers, it’s a good opportunity to learn the frontiers of international management research and improve research capabilities.

Participate in the “Bridging Resource” program, know about the needs and supplies of scholars in and outside of China about academic exchange and research, easily find the visiting scholar’s host university and faculty as well as collaboration opportunities.

Submit to IACMR Conference and Management and Organization Review (MOR), have opportunities of winning best paper awards and gaining recognition from academic circle.

Get the information about academic seminars which sent by e-mail and IACMR Wechat Public, know about the dynamic of international management research, new findings and books.

Paid members can watch and download the videos of past conference presentations, speeches, and other activities, etc.

Paid members can watch and download the research and teaching resources (such as syllabus and measures).

Paid members can get free online subscription to Management and Organization Review.

Organization Review, Management Insights, Bimonthly Briefing and free print subscription to Management Insights.

Post personal resume and read recruitment information.